About Us

ECA Maritime College was developed to help the Maritime Industry and Mariners gain access to on the job training, reduce the amount of time in the classroom and get students out and into the industry.

For the past 9 years we have been working with both individuals and corporate clients, we specialise in developing programs to accommodate you keeping your day job. We understand the cost involved in continuing your training in the Maritime Industry, my husband’s last ticket cost us in excess of $100,000.

With this in mind we decided it was important to accommodate students in keeping their day jobs and everyone’s situation is different, so during your interview we determine the best way for you.

  • Study flexibly
  • Training one day a week
  • Specialise programs for groups
  • Corporate programs
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Face to face training

Our success in delivering students through their course process is really dependent on all parties committing to the end result.

We offer our clients current updates with any changes to the Maritime Licence issues relevant to their qualifications. There are major changes happening that may affect your situation or even your chosen pathway, it is important we are able to offer you as much information so you are able to make the right decision for you.

As a company and people who have experienced many of the pitfalls in gaining Maritime Qualifications, we commit to:

  • Not using retired skippers
  • Start anytime- ongoing enrollments
  • Seek Govt Funding- traineeships
  • Become a one stop shop for both Australian and MCA Licences
  • Be cheaper than attending full time course
  • Flexible delivery
  • Customised programs
  • Personalised service

In the past 12 months there have been some very significant changes with the Maritime Authority. All new marine licences will be issued so you are able to work nationally around Australia on the same licence. All new licences will now be issued by Australia Maritime Safety Authority in conjunction with your local Maritime Authority. To access all the new information please visit - AMSA. We have been authorised to continue to offer our current courses under the new authority.

Clinton Myles

Clinton Myles (Harry) - Director of Training Master 3 >500GT

22 year’s experience in Cargo, Tug, Mother Shipping, he understands and has experience from the deck to the wheel house, he started at the bottom and worked through the ranks. Clinton was the WA Challenger TAFE Student of the Year in 2006, he is part owner of ECA Maritime College and can appreciate the pressures of keeping financial worth whilst gaining qualifications.

Kelly Harvie

Kelly Harvie- Director / Founder

Was fortunate to have a father who loved the ocean, from an early age sailing sabot’s to later crewing on the family charter yacht in Airlie Beach. I have worked Mega Yachts to Fishing Trawlers, previously worked and lived in Fort Lauderdale running my own yacht cleaning and varnish company where I often received job opportunities on deliveries, charters, boat shows. Most memorable delivery was across the Atlantic Ocean as 1st Mate on board 38’ Cheoley, stopping in Bermuda, Azores and then Gibraltar. On returning home (Australia – now Cairns) I experienced working on Mother Ships, Trawlers, Cargo, Tourism Day boats. For the past 10 years I have been developing our company ECA Maritime College and finally see myself getting out of the office and back on the boats again soon.